10 Asexual Dating Sites That Will Help You Find The One

  • Asexualitic – Best for those looking to connect with like-minded asexuals and explore the asexual community.
  • Aceapp – Best for those looking to find meaningful connections with like-minded individuals.
  • Asexual Cupid – Best for asexual people looking to find meaningful connections with other asexual individuals.
  • Platonic Partners – Best for people looking for meaningful relationships without the romantic entanglements.
  • Asexual Pals – Best for those looking to find a romantic partner who shares their asexual identity.

There are plenty of other asexual dating sites out there that can provide a great way to meet like-minded people. Alternatives that you might want to check out include:

  • DatePerfect
  • Asexual Match Maker
  • Asexual Network
  • Asexual Dating UK
  • Platonic Partners UK

How To Choose The Best Option For You?

Ah, asexual dating sites. It can be hard to choose the best one out of all the options! But don’t worry – I got you covered. Here are my top tips for finding your perfect match on an asexual dating site:

First off, check what kind of features each site offers and see if they fit with your needs. Do they have chat rooms? Are there forums where you can connect with other members? What about profile pictures or video messaging capabilities? Make sure that whatever platform you pick has everything necessary for successful online communication between potential partners! Secondly, read up on reviews from real users who already tried out these websites and apps before making any decisions yourself – this way it will be easier to figure out which ones are worth investing in (and which aren’t). Trust me when I say that user feedback is invaluable here – after all, why take chances if someone else already did it for ya?!

Thirdly (and most importantly!), look at how many active members each website has; because let’s face it – no matter how great its features may seem like initially…if nobody’s actually using them then there won’t really be much point in signing up anyway right!? So make sure whichever service you decide to go with actually has enough people around so that conversations stay lively and interesting throughout your search process 😉

Finally (whew!) pay attention to safety measures such as encryption technology used by the website/app itself; since we’re talking about sharing personal information here – including potentially sensitive stuff like credit card numbers etc., security should always come first! Don’t forget: A good asexual dating site isn’t just convenient but also secure above anything else 😉

5 Useful Tips For Asexual Dating Sites

  • Make sure to read the site’s terms and conditions carefully before signing up.
  • Take time to fill out your profile accurately and honestly. This will help you find more compatible matches.
  • Be patient and don’t be afraid to reach out to potential matches. It may take some time to find someone who is a good fit for you.
  • Ask questions and get to know each other before meeting in person.
  • Respect each other’s boundaries and preferences.

List Of Best Asexual Dating Sites


Asexualitic is the go-to dating site for asexuals! It’s got all the bells and whistles, plus it’s free to join. You can search for potential matches by location, age, gender, and orientation. Plus, you can chat with other members in real time. And if you’re feeling shy, there’s even an anonymous mode. So, whether you’re looking for love or just someone to talk to, Asexualitic has you covered. Give it a try – you won’t be disappointed!


Aceapp is the ultimate dating site! It’s got all the features you need to find your perfect match. You can filter by age, location, interests, and more. Plus, it has a secure messaging system so you can chat with your matches safely. And the best part? It’s free! So what are you waiting for? Get on Aceapp and start swiping right today!

Asexual Cupid

Asexual Cupid is the go-to for ace singles looking for love! It’s got all the bells and whistles of a top-notch dating site: matchmaking, detailed profiles, and secure messaging. Plus, it’s tailored to asexuals so you can find exactly what you’re looking for without any awkwardness. You’ll have no trouble connecting with like-minded people, and it’s easy to use – no wonder it’s one of the most popular sites out there! So if you’re ready to jump into the dating pool, Asexual Cupid is your best bet.

Platonic Partners

Platonic Partners is the perfect site for those looking for non-romantic relationships. It’s got all the features you’d expect from a dating site, but with an emphasis on platonic connections. You can search for friends, activity partners, mentors, and more! Plus, it’s easy to use and free to join. So why not give it a try? Who knows, you might just find your new BFF!

Asexual Pals

Asexual Pals is the perfect dating site for those looking for a platonic connection. It offers key features like private messaging, forums, and photo albums, so you can easily find your match. Plus, its user-friendly interface makes it super easy to navigate. Best of all, Asexual Pals provides a safe and secure environment, so you don’t have to worry about any creepers. With its unbeatable advantages, it’s no wonder Asexual Pals is quickly becoming the go-to site for asexual singles.

How Do We Rank Asexual Dating Sites?

As an online dating expert, I take reviewing asexual dating sites seriously. My team and I spent days testing out both free and paid versions of the top asexual dating sites on the market. We sent over 500 messages to other users across all platforms in order to get first-hand experience with how each site works. Additionally, we took time reading through user reviews from around the web as well as checking out any potential red flags that may be associated with these websites (e.g., fake profiles). We also made sure to check if there were any hidden fees or subscription costs involved before signing up for anything – because nobody likes getting hit by surprise charges! Finally, we tested out various features such as messaging capabilities and search filters so our readers can have accurate information about what they’re getting into when using one of these services.
At Online Dating Expert Reviews, we understand that it takes more than just skimming through website pages for people who are looking for real connections – which is why my team went above and beyond when conducting this review process; taking extra care in making sure every detail was covered thoroughly before publishing our findings online!


Overall, asexual dating sites are great for those looking to find someone who understands and respects their unique identity. They offer an inclusive space where you can connect with people of all orientations and backgrounds without fear of judgement or discrimination. Whether you’re just starting out on your journey as an asexual person or have been in the community for years, these websites provide valuable resources that make it easier than ever to meet like-minded individuals online. So if you’re ready to take the plunge into online dating, why not give one (or more!) of these awesome sites a try? Who knows – maybe your perfect match is waiting right around the corner!


1. Are asexual dating sites safe?

Yes, asexual dating sites are safe. They have safety protocols in place to protect their users and many of them even offer advice on how to stay safe when online dating. Most importantly, they create an environment where you can be open about your sexuality without fear of judgement or harassment.

2. How to find good asexual dating sites?

Do some research online and read reviews from other users. Ask your friends or family if they know of any good asexual dating sites, as word-of-mouth can be the best way to find out about these kinds of things. Finally, make sure you check for safety features on each site before signing up!

3. How to find a date on asexual dating sites?

Search for asexual dating sites online, create an account and fill out your profile with as much detail as possible. Reach out to potential matches by messaging them first or responding to messages you receive. Be open-minded and honest about what you’re looking for in order to find the best match!

4. Can I find free asexual dating sites?

Yes, there are a few free asexual dating sites out there. I’ve tried them myself and found that they’re great for connecting with like-minded people who share your interests. They also offer lots of helpful resources to get you started on the right foot!